You can buy VRO with BTC or ETH. You cannot yet buy VRO with FIAT currencies.

There are different transaction statuses:

  • Created, in yellow: a transaction that you have initiated, but not completed. Don’t worry, this will not affect your account. It will remain there for your personal information.
  • Pending dep., in yellow: The transaction has been initiated and our system is waiting for the deposit of funds from your third party platform.
  • Minting, in purple: Your funds have been received, we are crediting your account with VRO.
  • Completed, in green: a finalized transaction.
  • Cancelled, in red: a cancelled transaction.

If you encounter an incident with a transaction, please contact us.

Go to the page Buy VRO, everything is explained over there !

Go on the pageĀ Fees, everything is explained over there !


Your VRO wallet is an ERC20 address. It means that it is part of the ethereum blockchain. If you want to go further into the details of the VRO Wallet, please read the Whitepaper. If you want to learn how to use it, go on the pageĀ Buy VRO.

Don’t panic ! They are not lost, just not listed .Contact us.

Unless you can prove to us that the address you sent them to is yours or nonexistant, no. If you think you have been a victim of a scam contact the authorities.

It can happen that a transfer takes a little time. If the incident persists, please contact us.