Yes, you can store your VRO on each of these devices.

Yes ! You receive 0.5 VRO for every new member you bring in.

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  1. Your sponsored memeber is registered and verified
  2. He/she bought at least 0.5 VRO, kept 30 days on his wallet.
  3. Once a month, you send us the list of people who come from you (Name, first name and e-mail address) here : contact usĀ 
  4. Each time you have 10 verified sponsored memebers, we add 1 VRO to the reward!

There are many sources of information in the crypto-environment. A few medias we know :

Journal du coin, cryptoast, cryptonews, the coin tribune, hasheur, enter the crypto matrix, tech con catalina, netzwoche.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to find various sources of information in order for you to have the best insight.

We have a “responsive” site that allows optimal navigation regardless of the device used (PCs, tablets, smartphones).

This payment solution in gold, silver or diamond is offered by VeraCash! A subsidiary of the Aucoffre group.

Safekeeping (oxidation) costs are incurred when gold is stored in vaults. This cost is transferred to our users, by amount of 1% of their holdings per annum. is a service offered by LinGOLD Ltd, a subsidiary of SAS.

LinGOLD Ltd, 16c Sandown Road, Lake, Isle of Wight PO36 9JP, GB

E-mail: contact (at) veraone (point) io

[ Replace (at) with @ and (point) with . ]

UK Company Registration No: 9507526

The LSP only concerns Aucoffre’s products. Among these, you have indeed the VeraOne, a minted coin not to be confused with the VeraOne Token, the crypto-asset.