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Check the spams, and every other inbox. You might want to try again with another email address.

If you can’t find anything, contact us.

It can be:

  • Your valid national identity card
  • Your valid passport
  • Your valid residence permit issued by your host country in addition to your passport if you are a foreigner.

In case you are unable to upload them to your account management interface, please contact us.

The documents justifying your residence are:

  • A rent receipt
  • A water, gas or electricity bill (proof/certificates of contract not accepted)
  • A fixed phone or internet bill (mobile invoices not accepted)
  • A bank account statement (IBAN not accepted)

All these documents must be less than three months old and must be in your name.

  • An income tax notice (must be less than one year old)

In case you are unable to upload them to your account management interface, please contact us.

This Qr code is your second security to access your account. It is called a 2 factor authentication (2FA). To parameter it, you need:

  • a smartphone with a camera
  • Your computer opened with the browser displaying the Qrcode.


Step 1: Download “google authenticator” on your smartphone.

Step 2: With the app, scan the Qrcode

Step 3: By scanning the Qrcode, you added a link from to your smartphone. A 6 digit password is appearing on the app. This password resets every 30 seconds.

Step 4: When connecting on the website, use this code. Do not uninstall the app, otherwise you password wil be lost.


Yes, please contact us and we wil explain you how to do so.

Try multiple passwords, it is possible that you switched yours with one on another website.

Refresh the page after clearing the cache and cookies of your browser.

If the website asks you about another password after entering your email address and password, do not worry, this is normal. When you signed up, you downloaded an app named “Google authenticator” (available on iOS and Androïd). This app shows you the second code you need to access your account. The code resets every 30 seconds, do not uninstall the app. Otherwise, your link from the app to the VeraOne platform will be lost.