Our Experience

One revolution at a time.

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2009 : AUCOFFRE.com

12 years ago, AuCoffre became the leading online marketplace for physical precious metals. Sale, purchase and storage of your own physical assets a click away.

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Because AuCoffre was too successful, VeraValor was launched in 2011 to become the most famous private mint in France. Even the Banque de France could not compete.

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Created with the VeraValor private mint, VeraCarte allowed members to spend gold as easily as fiat. A test run for the next revolution to come...

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Third revolution of the group, VeraCash became the first independent peer-to-peer gold transfer system, while remaining out of the banking scheme.

2019 : VERAONE

The VRO gold token was created with the aim of offering a crypto-friendly safe asset which was actually backed by something.  (Wink wink Tether).