What are the conditions and rules of the referral program ?

To be eligible for the referral program you must have a validated account. Once done, your referral code will be generated. Once you have shared your referral link to your friend, it will be automatically integrated in the areas designated for. 


You and your friend will then be eligible for a cashback of 3% on the buy orders of your friends. A maximum of 10 VRO are eligible for the referral program. 


Also, your friend must hold his/her newly acquired token for a 30 days period to validate the amount of the cashback. If he/she sells before, the cashback amount will be readjusted. Past this date, your reward along with your friend’s one will be credited to your accounts.

Introduction to your personal referral connected space

The first thing to look at is the different boards displaying information : 


On the upper left corner of your tab you can see your referral code (1) By clicking on it, you’ll copy a link to your clipboard. Later you will be able to paste it in an email, or on your favourite social media !


The total earned board (2) displays all the rewards related to the referrals that ended the custody period. The waiting reward board (3) is displaying all the rewards your friends have accumulated during their 30 days period that has not ended yet.

The second part of your referral dashboard Shows you the history of your transactions (4) related to your referral as well as the transaction related to your own referral (5) if someone has referred you.


There you go ! You know everything there is to know about the referral system at VeraOne !