Crypto investments can be  tricky.  In which project can I put my trust in ? Do I have to constantly keep track of my money ? If the rewards are in the same currency you invest in, isn’t it the same risk as just trading ? Well, we thought about that. And we decided to offer you the best compromise between crypto investment in staking, mining, masternodes and reliable rewards

Why a partnership between your gold-backed stablecoin with Justmining ? 

Most of the time, you are remunerated with the currency you invested in. You decided to mine ethereum ? You’ll get some ETH.  Stacked some Synthetix ? Guess what… You’ll get SNX tokens.  Everything goes the same way. 

But what if we developed a new type of remuneration ? The type that allows you to both invest, and decide whether you want the tokens or the gold. 

Guess What ? That’s what we did ! From now on, you can invest in any type of investment at justmining and switch your earnings to VRO ! The 100% Gold-backed stablecoin. 

Becoming the third stablecoin listed on JustMining’s platform, with Tether and Dai, our crypto-gold token embraces fully the visions of both our teams : 

“This partnership is perfectly  in line with the vision we embrace at JustMining. Allowing our users create a full inclusive crypto-portfolio by offering the maximum of functionalities on our platform.” - Thiblaut Boutrou, Marketing Manager at Justming
Maxime Baron
"Physical gold, which VeraOne represents, is a metal in which we have had absolute confidence for more than 10 years. In the same way, VeraOne trusts Just Mining to democratize the use of gold through their various solutions," - Maxime Baron, Project Coordinator at VeraOne.

A little presentation of JustMining, the crypto mining platform

JustMining was founded by Owen Simonin, known also as “Hasheur” a french youtuber with its own community, in 2017. Specialized first in mining equipment, JustMining quickly became one of the most popular French platforms of investment in mining equipment. It proposes diverse means of investments such as mining equipment (hardware) and cloud mining (rental), masternodes, and staking. 

These offers at JustMining enables you to invest and progressively generate passive income through these options.  JustMining does full research on cryptocurrency projects in order to offer their users the best and more secure investment they can.

Here’s a little bonus if you missed the latest news ! Ledger just listed us !

The VRO has also been listed recently on Ledger, that means you can now mine with Justmining to earn VRO (your favourite gold-backed stablecoin ?),  and store it in your Ledger wallet !