Let’s take a step back and have a little crypto class time. What’s an ICO?

An ICO (initial coin offering) is the crypto version of an IPO (initial public offering). It is an action undertaken by a company looking for financial investment, to create a token, an app or a service. 

The use of the coin will therefore allow the investors to capitalise on it, benefit from its advantages or services.

"Our aim is to democratise ICOs by offering investors and project leaders all the advantages of our network of partners who are well involved in the French Blockchain ecosystem. We want ICOs to regain the confidence of investors and for the first time our new smart contract makes it possible to raise funds not only in ETH but with any ERC20. The 100% French ERC20 VeraOne token is, in fact, an obvious fact : for the first time in the world it is possible to raise funds with a gold-backed token. »

 - Christophe Gautier, CEO of French-ICO.

The role of French-ICO and the use of the VeraOne token in it

French-ICO is a fundraising platform for crypto-entrepreneurs looking for financial investment to fund their project. You may state that it is a rather classical form of activity and “what’s so special about it ?”

Well, French-ICO helps french companies to bring up funding. Accepting various cryptocurrencies up to the point that it listed the VRO token as a mean. At the forefront of crypto-currency democratization, French-ICO is taking crypto-entrepreneurship in France at the next level.