FeelMining x VeraOne partners to offer gold cashback

Hey there ! Hope you are doing great. In the last few days we prepared you a little surprise.

As you already know about other crypto investment platforms from our last article, we are proud to announce a similar partnership, although with a big difference ! 

It’s common knowledge now that diversification of your portfolio is the key to financial success ! So we decided to qshare with you our latest partnership! 

Created in 2017, FeelMining provides investment solutions for mining, staking and implementing masternodes. To enhance user loyalty, Feel Mining offers a cashback system.

What is this cashback system and who does it rewards ? 

The cashback offered by FeelMining is based on customer account status.  It is only available to Gold and Platinum members, account levels that can be unlocked under certain conditions such as verification of your identity. Please note that obtaining Gold status is completely free of charge. 

You can now benefit from a Cash Back of up to 1.5% on all your orders placed by paying with your FeelMining euro balance ! 

3 Cash Back rates :

 0.5 % for customers who have placed less than 3000 € of orders since 1st July 2020 

 1 % for customers who have placed orders from €3,000 to €12,000 since 1 July 2020

 1.5 % for customers who have placed more than €12,000 in orders since 1 July 2020

 How to benefit from it ?

 Place an order and pay with their new payment method : Your Feel Mining Euro Balance

If you do not have a Euro balance, you have the possibility to credit your FeelMining balance by bank transfer (see the procedure by clicking on the “credit” button of your FeelMining Euro balance).

 Once your order has been paid for, your Cash Back is paid directly in VRO (your one and only gold backed stablecoin) to your Feel Mining VRO balance!

The cashback rate is therefore defined according to the history of orders placed with Feel Mining since 1 July 2020. However, the cashback payment itself only applies to orders placed since the launch of the initiative.