You got the idea, wallets are real headaches when it comes to secure properly what you want to HOLD! NGRAVE and VeraOne decided to join forces to offer you the possibility to hold gold on the coldest of wallets! 

First things first, why a partnership with Ngrave?

While you were having fun going up and down as the candles go green and red, we thought about your what ifs. For example, what if my hard wallet is not secure enough ? As you all know, VeraOne does the best for you to secure and keep track of your gold. We developed THE solution to protect your physical investment. But what about solutions to protect the technological implications of this investment? 

Surely enough, the blockchain and the crypto-sphere is not entirely hack-proof (although rather difficult) and scammers wait at every corner prepared to steal your hard-earned profits. Indeed, the total value of stolen blockchain-based assets is estimated at over 13 Billion USD. Rest assured, our latest partnership will make you cheer when others panic. Let’s dive in! But first, a word from the CEOs of both companies :

“VeraOne has brought a ten-year leading expertise in the sale and safekeeping of gold on the blockchain. For its practicality, speed and immutability, it allows us to have a permanent and tamper-proof ledger of our customers’ property. The blockchain guarantees the integrity of the transactions, while we keep the gold safes safe.Though the security of the physical gold is guaranteed by our company, there is no better solution than ZERO to take care of the digital security of our token.”

- Jean-François Faure, VeraOne CEO.

Jean François-Faure

“We applaud VeraOne for its pioneering role in matching a stablecoin to physical gold. They also have a well thought out and mature ecosystem integrating comprehensive annual audits by ALS, 100% inventory value insurance with Lloyds, and more. We are proud to support VRO on our secure and easy to use product suite, ultimately giving VRO HODLers real peace of mind, even in a crypto context.”

- Ruben Merre, NGRAVE CEO.

So, what's new for you?

Ngrave is the most advanced  hard-wallet solution to hold securely your cryptocurrencies. The company, founded recently aims to prevent the risk of hacking and theft in the crypto-environment : 

“Millions of dollars in digital assets are stolen every single day. Cryptocurrency theft topped $2.5 billion in 2018 and an astounding $4.3 billion last year,” said Ruben Merre, Co-Founder and CEO of NGRAVE. “That’s the reason we built NGRAVE. It’s our mission to enable users to take secure ownership and control of their digital assets.” 

Completely off the grid, the NGRAVE ZERO needs no bluetooth, WIFI or NFC or USB connexion and will prevent any type of online attack for remote hackers. The device generates offline private keys, and never exposes them. 

As a last resort, their revolutionary back-up solution, the GRAPHENE, a stainless steel sheet resistant to water, fire, corrosion and shock-proof seems to be leaving the outdated paper wallets lagging behind ! 

Furthermore the NGRAVE ZERO will support the VeraOne token by default!

Its launch is set in the last quarter of 2020, we invite you to jump into NGRAVE’s project white paper.

As good news never comes alone, we got a surprise for you! 


(We had to keep it discreet but we can’t hold it back anymore !)

Starting right now, you can win the Ngrave Zero coldwallet with real gold (VRO) on it! (and many other prizes!) The giveaway starts September the 09th, 2020 at 17:00 CES and end on September the 16th , 2020 at 16:00 CES


The winning prizes are ! 

? 1st : Golden Zero + 3 VRO ?

? 2nd : Silver Zero + 2 VRO ?

?️ 3rd : 2 VRO ?️

? 4th and 5th : 1 VRO ?


And since we prepared for the latecomers, you can still pre-order your NGRAVE right there !